Depression is not a choice. It certainly isn’t something that goes away overnight.

1. Other people have it much worse than you do.
2. You will feel better tomorrow.
3. Life isn’t fair.
4. You just have to deal with it.
5. Life goes on. You are being selfish.
6. I know how you feel, I was depressed once.
7. Go out have fun, have a drink and forget about it. You just need to get out of the house!
8 You are bringing me down.
9. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
10. You are strong, you will be fine.

How can you be sure tomorrow is another day? It puts a lot of pressure on people who is already struggling every moment to find the light again. Probably have trouble imagining getting through a day, let alone the entire week. Depression is much more than a bad mood or bad day. It is a hundred bad days, all at once with seemingly no way out. Again, it is not a choice. The last thing a struggling person need is the extra worry and pain of trying to help you. Do you know, for someone struggling with depression, it may be too difficult to even get out of bed some days. Leaving the tiny place of comfort could seem next to impossible. And even if they do, leaving the house is not a fix for depression.

Table Manners


I personally think people should be allowed to eat at their own pace. But it is super annoying to those who had to wait for your while you eat your food real slow! I don’t mind waiting for a little while, but slow eaters are driving me crazy. Not once not twice, it happens all the time. I swear if it is someone else there wont be another time that I will have to sit down n eat with them!

I had try to slow down and savour each bite but I am still often done before you chewing slowly. When I am not the only one that have to wait patiently for you, do it ever come across your mind to reflect on yourself? Slow eaters just don’t notice they are holding everyone else up.
Where and when do you think you will learn your eating habits and respect the others?

Signing off



LISTEN when I speak; I hate to repeat!

When you don’t listen carefully you do not allow yourself to understand what someone is talking about! The ability to listen makes you more productive, better understand of WHAT IS EXPECTED of you and find the underlying meanings in what others say!

Don’t make me repeat what I said! You wont know what it’s like to talk to a wall! I hate it when people have an uncanny ability to appear t be listening to you while actually paying no attention at all!


Signing off



Love is patient, Love is kind

It does not envy and it does not boast


Today on our 16th anniversary, we are 561 miles away from each other (Indonesia – Singapore) 

I wanna tell you that there is not a second of my life where I don’t think about you. We may be apart for this anniversary but you are always in my mind and heart. The one who holds the key to my heart, controlling its every beat of passion, kindness, craziness, confusion, happiness, joy and most of all love….from my heart to yours, Happy Anniversary and I love you dearie❤


Signing off,


The You In Me

Our love has grown over the years, when I think of our life together, all the special times and treasured memories, I  know I am the lucky one to have you in my life. Someone who never fails to bring me joy, happiness and always there when I needed you most. Love you darling❤



Life takes time


I have no reason to wake up in the morning. Things that used to mean something to me before seems so pointless now. I don’t have a reason to do anything any more. I wake up this morning just to only wait for the next day. I feel like my emotions are gone or at least very well hidden for now. Like the life in me just died.



Wise word

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up on trust. The only mentality greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart. Loss has been a part of my journey, but it also taught me what are precious. I should not be afraid of change. I may end up losing apart of me that I have been seeking and always wanted in the hope of something secure. But don’t take my trust and patience for granted. 


Today, I understand and sees the only person in the world who’s opinion matters is the stranger found in a mirror of thyself. It matters when you tried and you lose it. I will learn to be a master of my silence than hoping for things that never settles. 


Signing off,



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